Our Services

At Guernsey Health Choices, Inc. 

Outpatient Individual Counseling

Individuals seeking services are encouraged to set up an appointment to meet with one on one with a counselor.

During this appointment the individual’s needs are identified.  A plan to empower the individual to achieve personal goals will be developed.

Individuals can meet one on one with a counselor weekly, or less often depending on the need.

Family-Based Intensive Services

Addiction affects the whole family.

The family based team works with the addict to identify key people/supports in their life.  The people identified will be asked  to work with the team to help support the individual to achieve the treatment goals.

We offer a variety of groups

Closed groups-are held for a specific time frame, once the group starts no one new is added to the group. But will be registered for the available session.

Open groups- are set day and time for people to attend on an as needed bases or can be added once the session starts.

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